I Quit, Revisited (Objectivity)

I forgot to post this yesterday as part of my “I Quit” post, so here are a few things left to enjoy while we watch the Yankees fold, once again, to the Red Sox.
Robinson Cano: This is the future of the organization. They better keep him around for the long haul, because this kid is going to be something very, very special.

Melky Cabrera: His ceiling isn’t has high as Cano’s, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him in pinstripes for a long time. The kid has a ton of energy and plays the game with a joy that’s noticeably absent from guys like A-Rod, Sheffield and Johnson.

Derek Jeter: Enough said.

Johnny Damon: Turns out he wasn’t the devil after all.

Alex Rodriguez: Personally, I can’t stand the guy. He and the Big Eunuch are my two least favorite Yankees. That said, you have to at least appreciate what a monumental talent A-Rod is. After his career is over, and the booing is well behind him, we’ll all look back and tell our kids that we were lucky enough to watch Alex Rodriguez play. Then we might mention that he couldn’t hit with men on base and made an error every other day, and didn’t really perform when it counted and, possibly, cost the Yankees a couple of championships. But, man, was he a ballplayer.

Jorge, Bernie and Mo: Jorge’s probably got one more productive year left, Bernie may come back next year, but his role would be incredibly limited and, at some point, Mo’s going to start to slip a bit. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s going on this year and lose track of the fact that these guys (along with Jeter) were the core of a team that won four World Series in five years. Not exactly an easy thing to do.

Enjoy the rest of the season, everyone. I’m calling to cancel the MLBlogs subscription today, so I don’t know how long they’ll leave this up.



  1. jjc11293@msn.com

    “Enjoy the rest of the season, folks. I’ll just get in my “I told you so” now for good measure. They’re finished, and so am I”

    I agree with Jonathan. It’s time to come back.

  2. petemckenna38@excite.com

    Kasey,I don’t know if you have given up on Mark Feinsand’s Blog, but I for one miss your dramatic, and sometimes farfetched predictions. Granted sometimes the bloggers, myself included, were a little hard on you, but don’t take it to heart. First these are NY Yankees fans, and since you are blogging on Pete Abe’s site, you know how unrelenting they (we) can be. I’m sure you know this already. But, 1., your instigating predictions add drama and I find myself looking over to Pete’s blog for your prognosticating, even though I disagree with some of them, they are entertaining. I just have to lighten up on my opinion of some of the more (as I find them) outlandish ones. I for one would like to see you back on the Mark it down blog site, it adds spice. And no matter what anyone says or how derrogatory, your posts do add entertainment and often are insightful. So come on back.

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