I Quit

I’m tired of writing it, you’re tired of reading it, let’s just call it a day, shall we?
If you’ve watched the last six games and honestly believe this team is going to make the playoffs, I’m sorry, I can’t do anything for you.

Enjoy the rest of the season, folks. I’ll just get in my “I told you so” now for good measure. They’re finished, and so am I.

Thanks for reading.



  1. jonathan

    Kasey you should keep up your blog, you have done a good job as being an alternative blog…anyone can right happy b.s. how all is well, when it is not, itook a bunch of **** last week on how i was not a real red sox fan when i was blasting the team for getting swept by the royals, you have to tell it like it is and give your opinion


  2. Kasey

    thanks jonathan, but the whole thing’s just getting old. i’ve got an opinion about how i think the season will end and, over the last week, the yankees have proven me absolutely right. i’m perfectly happy admitting when i’m wrong, but when i’m right, all people want to do is criticize whether or not i’m a fan or remind me of every time i’ve been wrong. i’m all for petty arguments – i mean, what else is the internet for? – but it’s just getting old and boring. much like the yankees predictable collapse against the white sox and angels. it’s too easy to call this stuff. enjoy the rest of the year.

  3. luckyleftie300@aol.com

    awww, it’s alright Kasey I’m sure you can be all blue by yourself and not watch the Yankees win. I’m sure Red Sox Nation has got some kleenex for you…

  4. Jason

    You shouldn’t quit your blog if you absolutely believe everything you’re writing.

    As for the predictions about collpasing against the White sox and Angels. They played the Sox on the road. They’re the defending champs and they’re not exactly a walk in the park. Only winning 1 game that series was what any smart Yankee fan shoudl have expected. As for the Angels, there is still 1 game left to play. At last check, the Angels are the only team in the Joe Torre era to have a winning record against the Yankees. It’s very easy to see a series split or even the Angles taking the series based on how the 2 teams match up. Your predictions were by no means earth-shattering or ground-breaking. Anyone with a decent knowledge of the game would expect both of those outcomes to happen. To say that the Yankees proved you to be absolutely right is pretty laughable considering the outcomes are be no means shocking. I think anyone with a grasp on the game would have predicted a series win by the Sox and a split with the Halos. You can’t win them all.



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