What A Surprise

The Angels handled the Yankees, the Red Sox woke up and pounded the Orioles. What a surprise. I predicted the Yankees would split with the Angels. They may only win one game. Four days into the 20-day stretch and we’re already reading about how tired the poor Yankees are. That doesn’t bode well.
Enjoy first place, fellas. You won’t have it much longer.



  1. luckyleftie300@aol.com

    Wait, we were tired like 2 months ago, so I think were going to lose this series. Those kinds of things take a toll on you and you are so spot-on with your predictions. I think Jeter hurt his toe last week walking so were out of the playoffs as well. Just concede the division…

  2. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol I have never seen someone fold so quickly over minor issues and yet when things are going well it would take multiple blows to the head to get through to them to give credit where it is due. WOW the redsox pounded the orioles! what did you expect a 6 game losing streak? It is the orioles. Yankees are playing chicago and anaheim. Remember? That team that swept the redsox in the playoffs and the other team that took 3 out of 4 from them last week? those teams. guess what? after the fenway series with the yankees the redsox play a west coast road trip: Seattle (sox lost 2 out of 3), anaheim (3 out of 4) and oakland (won 2 out of 3 and lost 3 out of 4), where are your predictions the yankees will retain 1st place when that happens EVEN IF they lost it by the end of the fenway series? Oh, right, objectivity.

  3. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    “what a surprise” Kasey is wrong…AGAIN. You have more screwups than ur hero ortiz has walkoffs.

    yankees were so tired they only won 5-2. Now the sox can’t even take care of the orioles in regulation, if at all. But i’m sure this is another heartfelt and team chemistry filled comeback if they win right? It isn’t that they have terrible pitching and they are in a 7-7 game with the ORIOLES. A team that they are even 9-1 against this year, if they can’t beat the orioles they cannot beat anybody consistantly.

  4. Kasey

    the orioles? you mean the orioles team that one-hit the yankees? those lowly orioles?

    relatively positive post coming soon. not about the team’s chances, but about robbie cano.

  5. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    ohhh one game, i forgot one game decides the entire existance of a team’s representation. The orioles are the redsox punching bags, they are THAT team that the redsox beat up on, and today they barely were even capable of it, if not for the orioles gift wrapping the game worse than eric wedge ever did.

    Bruce chen in extra innings with chris ray sitting in the bullpen? Bruce 337 OPP BA chen? u bring in a lefty who is prone to the homerun ball to face a righty loretta, a lefty who can hit lefties in ortiz (and chen is certainly not a lefty specialist) and then you LEAVE HIM IN to face a power hitting manny ramirez? Conspiracy, today was absolutely ridiculous.

  6. luckyleftie300@aol.com

    I’m sure Kasey is creamin in his pants seeing as we can only split this series and the Sox swept. Guess we should pack it in and get ready for next year, there are ONLY 2 months left in the season…

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