Adam Loewen Strikes Again

The dominant Adam Loewen is done after 2 1/3 in Boston, yielding six runs on six hits. Keep in mind, he one-hit the Yankees.
7-0 Boston in Fenway.
3-0 Anaheim in the Bronx.

So, after tonight, the Yankees are two games up on the “staggering” Red Sox. Keep in mind the Yanks played a late game last night, had a late flight, and have another night game tonight, which means they’ll still be exhausted tomorrow. Which means they’ll lose again tomorrow, which will see them sitting in first, a ******** one game up on that awful, sinking ship of a ballclub from Boston.

Adam Loewen woke up the Red Sox. Maybe you folks should wake up, too.




    Don’t you get tired of being a downer all of the time? The game is not even over and you have conceded the game, and you also conceded tomorrow’s game just based on the fact they had a late game on THURSDAY! Talk about nit-picking…

  2. Cyn

    The Orioles had a day game on Wednesday and an off-day on Thursday. They’ve been in Boston since Wednesday night.

    The Red Sox got into Logan at 4am today.

    Rest is over-rated. 🙂

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