A Blind Eye

From Peter Abraham’s Yankees blog:
The Red Sox lost five straight games against the Devil Rays and Royals and the Yankees picked up only two games in the standings. When you have a chance to throw your rivals under the train, you have to do it. The Red Sox are in a free-fall but they’re one series away from being back in first.

Huh. How about that. Somebody else out there realizes that missed opportunities come back to haunt a team, whether it’s in one game or over the course of a season.

Another A-Rod error cost the Yankees (and Mike Mussina) another run.

Fifteen (!!) men were left on base, nine in scoring position.

But, because Boston hit the skids, everyone’s positive this season is going to turn out well. Guess what? Boston’s not going to drop eight or nine games in a row, and the Yankees have perennial Yankee-killers the Angels coming to town. Here’s the Angels’ rotation for the upcoming series: Saunders, Escobar, Weaver, Lackey. That’s four very good pitchers, two of whom the Yankees haven’t seen before, and we know how that story ends. Here’s the Yankees’ rotation: Lidle, Wright, Wang, Johnson. That’s three big ifs and one solid starter who’s last outing wasn’t exactly fantastic. Who exactly does that favor? (Hint: not the Yankees.)

When the series at Fenway has come and gone, and the Yankees are back in second place, remember these last three days. You can see this collapse coming a mile away.



  1. Jason

    Or a parrot that only knows how to say 1 thing.

    It’s very easy to take your position with the increased level of competition in the AL. If you play the percentages, eventually, the Yanks will miss the playoffs and/or lose the AL East. It’s easy to predict doom and gloom and then say I told you so.

    What are you going to do when you’re wrong?



  2. luckyleftie300@aol.com

    I like the parrot, they are nice to look at, but once you hear them talk (or in this case read the same old stuff from Kasey) it gets annoying. I love your guesses, they are so off it cracks me up. Aren’t we supposed to be mathematically eliminated by now??

  3. btide21@aim.com

    I don’t see how you can call Lidle and Wright “if’s”…In Lidle’s last 6 starts, he’s 5-1 with a 3.40 ERA, I know 5 of those were in the NL but in his 1 AL start, he handled the best lineup pretty easily.

    In Wright’s last 6 starts, he’s 4-1 with a 3.86 ERA. Those numbers seem pretty solid.

    You’re right about Wang, you pretty much know what you’ll get from him, even though he had a tough last start. I think Johnson is just about ready to get on a roll. That last start was not a fluke at all.

  4. Kasey


    i already said if they make the playoffs i’ll stop posting, whether they’re winning or losing games.

    again, nobody’s making you guys read/respond to this stuff. if it gets so annoying, stop reading it. that seems pretty simple to me.

    the angels always handle the yankees, and this time the yanks are facing two great pitchers, and two very good pitchers they’ve never seen before. that doesn’t bode well for new york.

  5. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    lol kasey, why don’t you flip it? The sox played pushovers and we played the orioles and whitesox, we rightfully should have gone 4-2 (either sweeping the orioles or taking 2-3 from both, but you cannot expect a sweep of the orioles AND 2 of 3 from chicago in chicago) instead of 3-3, the sox should have gone 5-1 and they went 1-5, why wasn’t this them failing to take over first place? Yes this will be a tough series, yet after the yankee series, the sox have a 9 game road trip and they have struggled more against the west then we have this year, and they do not play texas. Why are you ignoring that from your pessimism?

  6. jdcrows@gmail.com

    Kasey, take a look at the season as a whole…not just 3 games worth this week….going 4-2 against the White Sox is acceptable to me….the Yanks have a tough stretch coming up…but the Sox have a similiar strecth in September…so gaining a game playing the White Sox while the team that is CHASING you is playing the Royals is a positive…how can you possibly cheer for this team and not feel like a hypocrite…it is baffling(although interesting) to come on here and read your negative outlook on your so called fav team…cheer up…throw in that Springsteen CD you have listed on the side and listen to Promised Land for me…and start to belive man!!!

  7. Kasey

    from the post on abraham’s blog, it sounds like i’m not the only one who sees these losses as missed opportunities.

    but, there are certainly two ways to look at it and i can appreciate the other way. i just think that missed opportunities will come back to haunt this team, and that they can not possibly win the division with a-rod playing the way he is. stranding 15 men on base is absolutely atrocious baseball.

    this anaheim series should make pretty much every yankees fan nervous.

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